Why Branding is Essential for Condo Builders

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Why Branding is Essential for Condo Builders



Why Branding is Essential for Condo Builders

In today’s real estate market, I am very surprised to see that some building companies still don’t understand the importance of branding. Building condos or even “simple” homes does not start with slapping blobs of mortar onto a brick. It starts with a lot of pitching, negotiation and paperwork. And what precedes that is your brand’s reputation. You won’t be able to get the cement mixer going without having a solid branding strategy in place first.

What are the Benefits of Branding Yourself as a Builder?

Build Trust, Build a Name

As a building company, you must already know how important it is to build trust in your partners. The first element an investor may look at is whether the builder is trustworthy: does the company always finish its projects? Do they have a good reputation? And most importantly: is my money safe with them? Brokers and investors like to know that the company to whom they give their money and trust will not disappear on them. With good branding, you have the ability to build the name for yourself that you want to be known for.

Real Estate is Visual

Having a fresh and modern website with HD photos or renderings is imperative for a builder. The real estate industry is a highly visual area. Consumers today expect websites that are rich in imagery and easy to navigate. Not only websites but general design or redesign of the main colour lines of your company can also be part of the branding procedure. A well-done design makes your company recognizable and professional.

Consistency Means Better Return Rate

When creating a brand image, I always aim to develop a consistent look and feel for the builder that travels through all the communications and presentation. Consumers don’t like change or anything that does not convey the same message. Seeing your brand having a strong message throughout its channels also builds that much needed trust.

Increase in Value

Once your building company has achieved the above mentioned attributes, you will see how quickly it will increase in value. Having a recognized name in the real estate industry is a must have for any company. It will establish future deals more easily and set the right tone for your business. When you get recognized as an authority in the field you will know that you are on the right track.

One of the real estate companies that I was hired to create a brand for was Royal LePage Your Community Realty. After rebranding their existing company presence they have experienced a hike in recognition and more traffic to their website.

Having your branding strategy set up by a professional branding expert team will pay off in the long run. The greatest element of building a solid brand for a builder company specializing in constructing condos is that they can keep building on the same approach and benefit from it for years down the road.

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